Friday, August 24, 2012

Super Fun Friday

This morning I was watching Gustav for my friend Grace. We all went out to Christine's house for the morning.
 On my way home I took the two boys (Jack and Josiah) to school and they had fun on the train.
 We took Gustav home, then max and I were home for just a few minutes then we packed up and headed back to school.
 Today was the August birthday part at school. Jack is the only afternoon student with an August birthday, so I got to bring in treats and be a part of the action for a bit this afternoon.

After school we finally got a picture of the three musketeers all together in their uniforms.

 and finally... this is how max ended his time at school :o)


The Paines said...

Great post! The photos from jack's party are so cute!!!

Kyle and Sarah said...

so fun that jack was the first birthday at school! i bet he felt special!!


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