Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jacks first day of school!

 We can't believe that we have a school age child! Wow! Where does the time go? Jack has been excited to start school for months, and the time is actually here. Yesterday (Monday) we went to the kindergarten campus (separate from the campus where Bryan works) and met Jacks teachers. Mrs. Siu (the very pregnant one) and Mrs. Ho. Mrs. Sui will go on maternity leave next week and Mrs. Ho will be Jacks teacher until after the Christmas break.

I took these pictures this morning after Jack changed into his uniform.

 His very own smart ID.
 Jacks uniform is simple, but he has some options. He has red and white shirts and blue and khaki shorts. He can mix and match.
 Max wanted to get in on the action!
 So excited!
 New backpack...

We went outside to wait for the bus...
 He gets picked up at 11:55 (the bus was late) and is the last to be picked up and the first to be dropped off at 3:45. He has a super short ride and we are thankful for that. School is from 12:20-3:20
 On the bus this morning Jack only had one other kid... and it was his good friend Katie (so fun!) Not sure if there will be more kids....? On the way home they pick up some Elementary kids from the other campus, so it was a more full bus.
 and finally... here is what his bus looks like :o) Most school buses in Hong Kong are just converted vans. They have seat belts, so that makes me happy.

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melissa said...

So cute. I love the picture frame that you made! What a big change for you this year. Glad it looks like it if off to a good start:)


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