Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Celebration

 Unfortunately for us, we were in the Korean Airport on Easter morning, so our celebration was private. My parents attended a sunrise survive on top of a mountain on Saipan... would have been wonderful to join! We did however do some festivities on the Saturday before we left... 
Easter in Saipan..
Honey bear in the Easter Basket!
Max found one egg, ate the treats, then went for another... he ate as he went... it was slow hunting!

 Our traditional cascarones smashing!
(a mexican/romanian [we've heard both] tradition where you fill a blown out egg with confetti and smash on each other. The empty egg represents the tomb and the confetti our joy... we aren't sure what the smashing represents, but its fun!)
 Jack whacked Bryan several times before my mom stepped in to save his head! It was a hard egg!

 Will and I with the last two... one had a surprise... the other didn't..

So glad we serve a RISEN SAVIOR!!!

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