Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Life, Day 4: Thursday

6:15 Max calls for me, but still seems tired. I bring him into my bed to cuddle and the next thing I know the clock says 7:23… I guess we both fell back asleep. I’m not used to getting up so late, so we are a bit behind on getting ready for our morning outing.
7:30 Jack wakes up and plays while I make lunch to take with us, check e-mail and facebook real quick. My mom is on skype so we say Hi to her and Calli, she then tell Jack a story while I get dressed.
7:45 we brush teeth and Max and I eat breakfast. I dress the boys, wash the dished, make Jack some toast to take with us.
8:30 we are out the door. There is a major issue in the elevator over the toast I made for Jack, Max wants some, and Jack doesn’t want to share. When we arrive in the lobby both boys are screaming and I am dragging Jack and the stroller. The security guard looks like he wants to help, but its hopeless ;o) things settle down quickly and all is once again ok.
We decide to walk to the station because it is a beautiful morning.
8:50 get on the train, its really crowded, but Jack is okay sitting on the floor (which people here think is terrible, but keeps him happy!) and Max falls asleep in the stroller
9:40 we arrive at Island ECC church where we attend a Thur. moms group. I take the kids to the playgroup area, leave Max sleeping in the stroller and head down to my room. We have a social time to start with snacks and coffee!
10:10 We open with singing and prayer time, very refreshing for me!
10:45 we head to our small group (divided by the age of our children) for a discussion from the book we are reading. The chapter is on teaching our children to have a prayer life. We are reading the Gospel Centered Family and its been a good one.
11:30 the kids come down and we are finished. We grab lunch at a nearby coffee shop with a couple of friends.
12:20 walk back to the train station and head home. We make it almost all the way home before Max has a melt down! :o) Once again its in the elevator lobby by the security guard (he probably thinks my kids are always crying :o)
1:30 We are home. Change Max, sing to the boys and sit down at the computer for a moment. Jack comes out and says hes not tired (but obviously is).
1:45 get them settled back down. Check on a recipe for Bryans birthday (its on Sunday!) I won’t say because he will read this, but you can check HERE if you want to see what I am going to make. Pick up the house from our quick departure this morning. Make a todo list for our moving/packing/renovation work on the new apartment.
2:45 knit while watching t.v. (confession moment): our station is showing a 2010 season of Beauty and the Geek Australia and I hooked :o).
3:45 Boys wake up. I hurry them a bit because I have a 4pm meeting with our realtor to do a final walk through of our new place.
4:00 meet the plumber and realtor downstairs and head to the 2 floor. We will be 2H now instead of 12C, but otherwise our address remains unchanged (fun, huh!?) The plumber will run some tests today, but I also spoke with him about his costs, can he start next Thursday, how much to put in a tub (it has two showers, no tubs… Max LOVES baths!), how much to put a door between the hallway and the main room area (to conserve the aircon). I think it was productive and now I have the plumber booked to fix all the water damage, and a plaster/paint guy who will also start next week. I’m still a bit nervous about actually have a place to live by the time we have to be out of this one (may 25) but things are coming together. The realtor told me again what a great deal we got, he said he sold another similar place on the 7th floor for ½ million (HKD) more than we bought ours for… so I think having to fix this place up will be worth it, as the price was right :o)
4:40 home, boys watch a bit of Thomas, I send a few e-mails, cut up and eat some melon, sort and put away laundry. Realize I haven’t taken any photos today… this post will be a bit more bare.
5:20 head over to the restaurant across the street for dinner with friends. The boys and I are dinner with my friend Amber and her three boys. The little one is close to max’s age and jack adores her two older boys. It was a fun, and slightly crazy dinner :o) Bryan was out with a group of guys who did a basketball tournament bracket together.

6:20 We head to the park to run off some steam, then to the store to grab some bread and milk.
7:15 we are almost home when we stop to watch a large beetle walk around, the boys also pet a neighbors dog for a bit. Just a we are getting home we meet up with bryan and boys run around (literally in circles) for awhile.

7:30 we get home and we watch American Idol while the boys build a train track.
8:30 Boys take a bath, then have some “naked time” and finally pjs are on and boys are in bed around 9.
Bryan and I will finish watching Idol, and maybe even watch last nights Survivor episode online, we will see how we are feeling. Hope your day is a blessed one!


grandmashredder said...

I want a picture during a melt down!

grandmashredder said...

oh my, i just watched the video, a bit delayed, and just laughed and laughed at how hard it was for the boys to turn around and run the opposite direction, and then Max just couldnt do it. too funny. you must still be having your day, because no post for friday yet, and its 10:30 pm your time.:(


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