Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Life: Day 1, Monday

6:19:Day begins with Max calling Mama… I was actually pleased with this time, because all weekend he was up crazy early… but I would still like him to sleep a bit longer. I go and get him and bring him to bed to snuggle. A few minutes later I hear Jack go to the bathroom and then straight out to play. Max hears the cars and jumps off my bed to join them. I lay in bed for a few more min.
6:45: took this picture of them playing nicely.

6:50: checked the weather online, facebook and e-mail quickly. Max goes from my lap to playing several times… he is getting good at saying “up, mama” :o)
7:00: brush teeth, get dressed, have cereal, garbage out, dishes washes
7:40 out the door to run. Ended up being a big ordeal.. both kids wanted to bring a lot of “stuff” and ended up crying… eventually got down to the parking lot and picked up the stroller and Jack’s bike. Jack biked an “out and back” which was two miles. His chain fell off twice during this route… we really need to get that looked at, I think its getting too loose. We parked his bike and I did two more loops near home to finish a 3.5 mile run for the day. Just as we were getting finished Jack doesn’t listen and looses his Thomas watching privilege for the day.. (more crying!) Max had fallen asleep, but didn’t make the transfer back home.
9:00: I called my mom to ask her a question and we ended up skyping with her at Sarah and Kyle’s house. So fun to see Lane and Calli, (and the babies in Sarah’s belly!).
9:30: I jump in the shower, boys are playing well together.
9:45: do some prep for my tutoring session this afternoon, change Max’s poopy diaper, load of laundry in.
10:15: leave for errands, drop of a suit to be  dry cleaned, walk over to the shopping center. I reward the boys for good walking by letting them ride the little carousel. 
The thing is quite funny, and plays Christmas music, but Jack has enjoyed this for a long time, Max hates it… but we always try. We go to the post office and mail a birthday package to the Paines. Grab a quick coffee and free OJ at McD’s (I have a member card :o) {more on McDonalds in Hong Kong coming next week!}. 
Walk home… the boys find some distractions so it takes a long time, but fun and only a little rainy.
11:20: Home.. wash hands make lunch. Grilled cheese, cucumbers and tomato soup for the boys and a salad for me.
12:00 clean up lunch and the boys played while I did some sewing.
1:00 boys down for a nap. I hung the load of laundry from this morning and put in a load of diapers. Devotions, then sent some thank yous for my birthday gifts, then worked on a blog post for tomorrow.
2:30 tutoring my student Derek. We are reading the book Hatchet and working on adverbs and adjectives in writing.
3:00 boys wake up
3:30 finish with Derek. Start bread and rice for dinner, make a few phone calls to try and make arrangements for fixing up our new place. Boys make a mess of the living room, and also play in the hall with the neighbor kids.
4:30 read books to Jack ( and max for the few minutes he will sit.)
5:00 blog

5:25 work on finishing dinner/playing with the boys/cleaning up the crazy living room before dad gets home. Hang diapers to dry.
6:30 Bryan comes home, eat dinner. Stuffed peppers and fresh bread with two dips; Spinach and taziki. 
7:00 Bryan takes the boys down to the complex playroom to run for a bit. I get some sewing done.
7:45 Boys come back. I supervise Max in the bath while Bryan and Jack make a train track. Max is pretty tired tonight.
8:30 Jack and Bryan shower. Boys in Pjs and ready for bed. Max rocks with me for awhile before going to bed.
9:00 boys in bed. Bryan reads three Bible stories to tuck them in. I am posting this blog…
Bryan and I will play a game, watch a little tv and be asleep before we can count to 10 :o)
See you tomorrow!

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