Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Life, Day 5: Friday (the end!)

I’ve been making plans for this day for a few months… Bryan’s birthday is on Sunday, but the real gift comes today. Bryans two friends (one a former roommate from HK, and another former teacher) arrived last night to surprise him this morning and to spend the weekend here :o)
5:20 I hear Bryan get up (the plan is for his friends to be waiting outside when he leaves for school) I ask what time it is. He says he can’t sleep and is just going to go to work and get some things done. I tell him that he can’t leave until 6:15. I can’t tell him why, but it’s a good thing :o) He works on the computer here, I text the guys and tell them bryan is up.
6:20 Bryan leaves for school just as I hear Max call out. He was up three times during the night, so I’m not sure why hes not sleeping well. I bring Max to bed. A few minutes later Bryan and Dan come up to drop off Dan’s things, Bryan comes in and is really happy about the surprise :o)
6:40 Max wants to get up, I go lay on the couch while he plays.
7:00 Jack wakes up. We all lay around on the couch for a bit, then get up. I put a load of laundry in, sweep, brush teeth, get breakfast for us. Max feeds himself his whole bowl of cereal, which requires him to have a bath in the sink when he is finished. Check e-mail, facebook and blogs for a bit. Weather seems a bit cooler today, which will be nice, looks like it could rain. Max is in love with this dog right now.
8:00 we get dressed and out the door for a run. I can’t find one of Max’s crocs so he has to wear his sandals.. where can it be?
9:00 we come home and the boys play pretty well while I do the dishes, make some tea, wrap a gift for the baby we are visiting this afternoon, and take a shower
10:00 Jack and I play hide and seek (he always hides in the same spot or tells me where he is hiding) Max just runs around and says “hide”. I take the laundry off the rack, sort and put away, hang the load I washed this morning. Jack has a time out for not listening and that puts an end to our game.
10:30 we sit down to watch Junior Masterchef Australia for a few minutes.
11:00 Jack picks up the train tracks while I vacuum. We then make lunch, Max is distraught. Send a quick e-mail to Kitty at school with the information for Scholastic this afternoon.
Neither boy likes the lunch I make, so it’s a bit cranky around here. I eat, get ready to go, wash the dishes.
12:00 off to school.We find Max's croc folded up inside the stroller :o)
12:30 We pass Bryan and Dan on their way out to lunch, so the boys get to say hi. We head into school and I work on getting the scholastic catalogs ready to pass out to the middle school students. Kitty tells me I forgot to include the attachment to my e-mail, so she wasn't able to print my note :o), opps! I have to retype it up, print and cut apart 250 slips for the kids. I have five catalogs and five order forms to collate into packs and staple with a note on top. I need 250 of these packs. The boys are watching Thomas on our portable DVD player which I brought.
1:30 The kids finally eat the mac and cheese that they wouldn’t touch at home. Max even asks for more when he is finished, so once again I have won the battle :o) after they eat, Jack lays down on the couch in the faculty room and takes a nap. Max is more distracted by everything, but by 2 both boys are down.
2:00 I work without interruption for almost an hour before I know I will not finish before we go. I straighten up my mess, wake up Jack and we head over to Bryans office.
3:00 I check facebook to get the address of our friend and we head to the train station.
3:30 we arrive at Sarika’s house.. Jack plays with her older son while I get to snuggle the newborn. She is SO tiny… 6.9lbs at two weeks old! My boys were never that small :o) Jack and Max play well.
4:30 we leave just as a couple other teachers arrive to visit. It was pouring rain while we were there, but isn’t so bad at the moment. We try to find a taxi to go back to school, but all we see are green ones and they can’t go to where school is. We eventually give up and walk in the rain (with one umbrella) back to the train, it was okay.
5:00 However, by the time we get into the station by school its raining hard again. I load both boys up in the stroller and pull the sun shade over their heads. I try to hold the umbrella over the part of max that is sticking out, but just end up having more drips on him. He is soaked by the time we get to school, but Jack is dry :o)
5:15 I work quickly to finish up the last bit of sorting. The boys run around outside on the covered playground area.
6:00 we leave school to meet up with our other friend Gregg for dinner. We enjoy a wonderful hot pot meal (kind of like fondue only with a broth and veg/meat)

7:30 still raining, we make our way over to the mini bus area mostly staying dry and catch the bus home.
7:45 we just hang out at home, taking turns playing card games with Jack and making a plan for tomorrow. The weather looks like it will be more rain.
9:00 Boys to bed and Gregg heads back to his hotel. Dan, Bryan and I talk for awhile long before Bryan is too sleepy.
9:40 I work on this post while the guys get ready for bed. I’m headed there myself to read for a bit.
Hope you enjoyed our week! I like doing this each year to compare my life from year to year :o)

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The Paines said...

Sarika's baby is so cute and tiny! Can't wait to meet her. Happy Birthday Bryan!!


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