Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Life, Day 3: Wednesday

7:09 I hear Max. I always look at Bryans clock before I roll out of bed. Now, before you get too excited that he slept in this morning, let me tell you about our night! Max was awake around 3:45, I went in, said hi, gave him his pacifier and dog and told him to go back to sleep. He called for mama, dada for awhile before settling down. I was just falling back asleep with Jack came into our room (4:45) crying looking for his bear (which is lost somewhere in his bed) and his thumb wrap fell off. (we are putting cotton on his thumb with tape so he doesn’t suck his thumb). I take him back to bed, by this time Max is also awake. I sit in their room until they are sleeping and go back to bed. I make it back to sleep, but 7:09 feels early when Max wakes again :o)
I bring Max to my bed, but he gets up to play.
7:25 Jack wakes up. Boys aren’t in the best moods this morning. There is a lot of crying already! Change Maxs poopy diaper, check email, facebook, weather. Take laundry from drying rack, put another load in the washer. Brush teeth, get dresses, feed the boys and myself.
8:30 Go for a run. Its almost the same as Monday. A two mile out and back with Jack, his chain falls off twice (I have to get that fixed!), on the way back though Jack struggles… there is some screaming and crying :o) Park his bike, I finish another 1.5 miles near home, Max falls asleep. We park the bike and stroller in the lot, go home.
9:40 Settle the boys into watch a bit of Thomas while I shower and get dressed. Max watches for all of 5 min before he is up making messes while I shower. Hang up Laundry from washer, put in another load. Sweep the floor before we leave.
10:30 out the door for errands and lunch with a friend.
11:00 grocery shop for a few things at a more international store.
11:15 meet my friend Emily for lunch. Her daughter Joy sleeps the whole time, while I try to contain my two crazies! Max doesn’t touch his mac and cheese, only eats some watermelon from my salad bar plate. We take a picture in the mall of a bug display (actually I think its something to do with fashion, but all the boys see are bugs)

12:40 leave lunch, take train, then mini bus home.
1:00 arrive at home, Max diaper change and put to bed. Jack plays with his trains for a bit while I print groupons for tonight’s dance class. We both play trains. I get to be Sir Topham Hatt (or the Fat Control if you are British), while I stuff diapers into liners.
1:30 We pick up the train tracks and Jack goes down for a nap.
1:40 I do my devotions, straighten up, send a couple of e-mails, get paperwork organized for our appointment with the lawyer this afternoon. Then I work on my blog post about my shorts with pockets for the boys.  Make dinner to take with us.
3:45 out the door to meet with the lawyer about our new place. We take the Mini Bus to the train, then walk to the office.
4:30 meet Bryan at the lawyers, boys are SO happy to see daddy. Doesn’t take long to sign the papers, change Max’s diaper before we leave. We all walk over to school together.

5:15 very quickly eat dinner that I brought, then we take the boys upstairs (some teachers live on campus) to our friends who are watching the boys tonight. 

5:40 We meet up with our other friends Ernie and Veronica and head out to our groupon dance class. At this point we realize we are running a bit late. Our night doesn’t really go well. We miss most of our train connections and have to wait several minutes each time for the next. We also get a bit lost once we get to the right station.
7:00 we show up for our 6:30 class, opps! The man at the desk tells us we are too late. We check out the schedule for next week and sign up for next wed. With our groupon we get six classes, and we didn’t expect to actually use all those anyway. We are a bit sad, but tell ourselves next week we will now know where it is! :o) we grab a coffee at Starbucks and head home.
8:30 we arrive back at school to find the boys very well cared for and very happy! Thanks Jan, Bob and Sofia!!! We are able to grab taxi and are home close to 9.
9:00 pjs on the boys and get them to bed. Here are a few pictures of the sleepy boys.

I run a note down to the management office of our complex about calling the plumber for an inspection tomorrow. Work on this blog post and get ready for bed. Its now 9:45 and I’m getting ready to post this. Happy start of you day to all of you on the other side of the world. Wednesday was good for us!

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